Cast and Crew Direct Deposit

Cast and Crew Direct Deposit is Here

Modern entertainment payroll is here to simplify production.

With TakeOne Cast and Crew Direct Deposit, you no longer need to send a runner to pick up checks and cast and crew no longer need to wonder when they will get paid. Once you click pay, the payment will immediately start processing and cast and crew will receive a notification.

Cast and Crew can they track their direct deposit through TakeOne. If they have a question on the status, TakeOne will directly help them out freeing you to focus on the production.

The Simplest & Fastest Option

Instantly On-board

Onboard cast and crew with one click. Send them a link. They will fill in their cast and crew direct deposit information. TakeOne will then confirm their direct deposit and tax information on your behalf.

Instantly Direct Deposit

Use cast and crew direct deposit to simply pay. With a click of a button on set, TakeOne will begin processing the cast and crew direct deposit. As a first step, cast and crew will be notified that their payment is being processed and then everyone will be notified when the payment is complete. Simple as that.

Instantly Done

With TakeOne cast and crew direct deposit, everything is managed for you. TakeOne handles all IRS, guild, and cast and crew needs. Once you hit pay, you don’t need to worry about anything else. TakeOne has your back with cast and crew direct deposits.