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Entertainment Payroll

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W2 Payroll

Directly deposit funds.
Calculate payroll according to union/non-union rules, state and federal requirements
Submit W2 and 1099 payroll


Automatic Workers Comp

Every project that is created in TakeOne has seamless worker’s compensation insurance attached to it.

Automatic Workers Comp

Direct Deposit Funds

Pay directly from your bank to their bank. Enable your contractors to invoice you. Pay them digitally from a single dashboard.

Pay your invoices

Estimate your costs

Price out how much your payroll should cost you. Please input your estimate for the size of your cast and crew and your estimate of their gross wages to estimate your hiring costs.

  • Gross Wages
  • Setup Fee
  • Usage Fees
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Social Security Tax
  • Medicare Tax
  • Federal Unemployment Tax
  • State Unemployment Tax
  • MTA Tax
Total Payroll Cost