Entertainment Payroll For Your SAG-AFTRA Short Project Agreement

Workers Comp & Entertainment Payroll in One Easy to Use Package

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Entertainment Payroll

SAG-AFTRA requires that all of their talent be paid as W2 Employees, with taxes withheld as normal employees.

Let TakeOne pay your cast as W2 employees to meet this requirement for you.


Workers Compensation Insurance

SAG-AFTRA requires that all their actors be covered for workers compensation on each of their shoots.

All projects on TakeOne are covered for workers compensation automatically.

Automatic Workers Comp

Transparent Pricing

We believe in transparent pricing. You should know exactly how much your payroll will cost you upfront.

  • Platform Setup Fee
    $74.99 / production
  • Cast Fee
    $5 / cast member
  • Crew Fee
    0.5% of payroll
  • Workers Compensation Insurace
    3.4 - 4% of payroll