TakeOne FAQ

How long does setup on TakeOne take?

Signing up for TakeOne takes ~120 seconds. You only need to pay a small setup fee and enter your business information including your EIN.

If you are signing up for TakeOne complete, it will then take 2-3 business days to approve you for workers compensation insurance?

What is the difference between TakeOne’s complete and core product?

Complete is meant for companies hiring employees and contracts and require a service to administer payroll withholdings and workers compensation insurance on their behalf. Under the complete service, TakeOne administers withholdings, workers compensation, and reporting to state & federal agencies against TakeOne’s EIN.

Core is intended for companies looking for software to simplify managing contractor workforces per project. TakeOne facilitates payment to contractors and reports earnings on 1099s based against clients’ EINs.

What is a loan-out?

A loan-out typically means an individual has formed a business and has an EIN. When paying a loan-out, they will be classified as a contractor, receive a 1099-MISC against their EIN, and no employer payroll withholdings will be owed.

When hiring an employee, how do taxes work?

When one pays an employee, states and the federal government require employers and employees to pay taxes.

For instance, if an employer pays an employee $1,000 in gross wages - the employer may owe $150 in employer taxes and the employee may owe $100 in employee taxes. This means that the employer will pay out $1,150 and the employee will receive $900. Then, all the taxes are sent to state and federal governments.

We recommend estimating your payroll to get a precise idea of how much employer taxes to expect.

Does TakeOne support unionized payroll?


Currently TakeOne supports SAG-AFTRA, DGA, IATSE, and Teamsters. Please email us if you have questions on support for other unions.

Does TakeOne support deferred compensation?

TakeOne easily handles deferred compensation with payroll and workers compensation insurances.

When processing a payroll, how does TakeOne receive funds from customers?

TakeOne supports customers either wiring funds to TakeOne or having TakeOne pull funds from your account via ACH. If the customer does not have a business checking account, we require customers to wire us funds.

Does TakeOne handle IRS reporting?

Yes! TakeOne automatically all state and federal payroll reporting on your behalf including, but not limited to state unemployment, W2s, and 1099s.

How does the setup fee work?

The setup fee is a one time fee per company. Once you pay the fee and signup your company, you will not owe any additional fees until processing payroll or purchasing other services.

Does TakeOne require a payroll bond?

No, TakeOne does not require a payroll bond.

How do the processing fees work?

TakeOne charges 0.5% of all payments. This includes paying W2 employees, contractors, loan-outs, or for expense reimbursements? For instance, if you pay someone $1,000 for labor and $50 for a kit fee then the fee would be 0.5% x $1,500 = $7.5.

You only pay processing fees based on what you process. If you don’t use TakeOne for a month, year, etc then you won’t owe any processing fees.

Does TakeOne support expense reimbursement?

Yes! If you hire an individual and they have a kit fee, you can pay the individual for their labor and separately reimburse them for their expense.

What payment methods does TakeOne support?

We support direct deposit to US bank accounts and mail paper-based checks within the USA.

What is the user experience like for being paid?

For the vast majority of new users, they are excited that it only takes ~120 seconds on-board. Then, they love being able to track the status of their payments and ultimately get paid quickly.

How long does it take for someone to get paid?

It takes 2-4 business days for someone to receive payment from the time the payroll is processed by employer. If someone elects to receive a paper check, it will take longer for the check to be received through the mail.

How should I budget for all of this?

The easiest way to budget for people on a production is to break it down into a number of estimates:

  1. Estimate how much you will pay each person in gross wages.
  2. Classify everyone by union membership, non-union employees, and contractors.
  3. Add on union dues, payroll withholdings, workers compensation insurance, and processing fees per classification.
  4. Total all gross wages, union dues, payroll withholdings, workers compensation insurance, and processing fees.

For a free consultation to do this, please email success@takeone.io

What states does TakeOne support?

TakeOne supports 50 states. If you do not see the state listed on the pricing page and want an estimate, please email us. (success@takeone.io)

Does TakeOne support international productions?

Currently, TakeOne only supports production in the USA. We look forward to supporting international productions in the future.

What customer support can I expect?

We want you to have a great experience. Email us at success@takeone.io and we will do our best to help you out. If you have suggestions, we would love to hear those as well!