Workers Compensation 101

What is workers compensation insurance?

Workers Compensation is a mandatory insurance coverage for hiring and working with employees. The coverage often covers medical costs to treat injuries and illness, lost wages, ongoing care after injury, funeral costs, benefits & legal costs from lawsuits that result from the injury.

Is workers compensation insurance required?

Workers compensation is required by law. In the TakeOne complete product offering, workers compensation insurance is required and bundled with all labor payments. In the TakeOne core product offering, workers compensation is not offered and the employer should secure a policy separately.

How much will workers compensation insurance cost?

Workers compensation insurance rates are state and project dependent. Please visit our pricing page (hyperlink) to get an instant estimate for the most active states. For other states, please email us. (Hyperlink

How do I get a copy of my workers compensation insurance certificate of insurance (COI)?

Please login to TakeOne, go to your production and click on the documents tab. If you are approved, the COI will appear there. If you don’t see the COI or have questions, please email us. (hyperlink