Pay Compliantly and Report Instantly

Approve timesheets and invoices. Track your spend as it happens.

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W2 Payroll

Receive digital timesheets
Calculate payroll according to union/non-union rules, state and federal requirements
Submit W2 and 1099 payroll


Automatic Worker's Comp

Every project that is created in TakeOne has seamless worker's compensation insurance attached to it. Indies too. Spin up a new project days before your shoot.

Automatic Workers Comp

Pay your Invoices

Enable your contractors to invoice you. Pay them digitally from a single dashboard.

Pay your invoices

Automated Compliance

Employment verification, state, federal withholdings, and pay as you go workers compensation administered for you.

automated compliance

Report Instantly

Instant cost reports at a production and company level. Understand all payroll, expense reimbursements, and vendor payments submitted, approved, and paid with one click.

report instantly

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