Workers Compensation Insurance
For Short Term Productions

Spin up a workers compensation insurance for your production for as low as 1% of gross wages.

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Workers Compensation Insurance For Short Term Productions
Simple workers compensation insurance

Fill out a few questions and you’re ready to go

TakeOne administers workers compensation insurance for each production that runs payroll through the TakeOne app.

All you need to do to get set up is just answer a few questions.

Simple workers compensation insurance
Contractors and Employees

Workers Comp For Contractors Too!

TakeOne can cover workers compensation insurance for both your employees and your contractors. The fees are the same - just a flat percentage of their payroll dollars.

Workers Comp For Contractors and Employees
Pay as you go

Simple Pricing. Pay Only What You Use

Workers compensation pricing is attached to the number of payroll dollars processed. Never pay for more than you will need.

Short Term Production Insurance